OBYL Text Alerts Now Available

Throughout the years, it has always been a challenge to inform parents of last minute game schedule changes and cancellations in an efficient and timely manner. Further, with today’s busy “on-the-go” lifestyle, it’s almost impossible to have our coaches actually reach parents and participants without significant difficulty.

Now, technology has evolved to a point that we are able to offer an intelligent solution – OBYL Text Alerts, which resolves this issue entirely in an efficient and easy way.

Simply subscribe to the service and we’ll keep you posted (in real-time) of any changes in our League schedule via text message. So, whether you’re at home or on-the-go, you’re covered!

Although OBYL does not charge for text message alerts, message and data rates may apply from your mobile phone company.

You can manage /end your subscription at any time by visiting our Text Alerts subscription page. At the end of each season, we will automatically unsubscribe you from OBYL Text Alerts.


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    • Jeanene
      March 23, 2013
      7:10 pm

      I’m unable to add our cell phone numbers via this page for text message alerts. Can we send our numbers to a different destination?

      • OBYL Staff
        March 23, 2013
        7:46 pm

        Is it possible to more specific? Is there an error message being displayed or is it that your carrier is not listed? If it’s the latter, please let me know what carrier you use and I can see about adding it to the list we currently support.

        • Tracy
          June 7, 2013
          9:21 pm

          When I type in my info it says * Invalid number

          I’ve tried a few times with no success

          • OBYL Staff
            June 8, 2013
            2:20 am

            Make sure to select your carrier from the list and type just the numbers with no dashes, spaces or parentheses. If that doesn’t work, let me know and I can add you to the list directly. Would just need to know the carrier and cell #.


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